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Top 10 lugares más misteriosos del mundo para ver

Top 10 lugares más misteriosos del mundo para ver
Top 10 lugares más misteriosos del mundo para ver

There are places in the world that have the power to captivate people for decades or even generations. Some of them are shrouded in mystery, the middle being about unsolved murders, disappearances and strange or unexplained natural phenomena. The truth about these mysterious places remains difficult to decipher, in many cases neither the scientists have no satisfactory answers.

10 lugares misteriosos en los que estarías asustado y ...

10 Lugares misteriosos en los que estarías asustado y tentado de ver. Nunca soñó con visitar lugares desconocidos con fenómenos inexplicables, con la esperanza de encontrar una explicación usted mismo.

10. Castillo de miranda, Bélgica

Also called Castle Loud and is a paradise for urban explorers. The latest photos taken and posted online here were made by a very brave photographer who came in and revealed the plight in which the building is now. There are many strange pictures made here, enough to cause shivers down your spine. The family that lived here first fled the castle during the French Revolution, trying to escape persecution on a farm in Celles. There was never returned to the castle, perhaps driven by sinister force that haunts the rooms today.

The castle was transformed into an orphanage after the Second World War, but history repeated itself and the place was abandoned in 1980 and is now overgrown with vegetation, after the owners refused to let him care authorities. No one explains what puts people on the run from here, the fact is that despite the beauty of the castle authorities have put in going to demolish it.

9. Devil’s Triangle, Pacific

Top 10 lugares más misteriosos del mundo para ver 1

Also known as the Great Devil’s Triangle Bermuda Triangle Formosa or the Pacific. It is said that they also have many strange and unexplained disappearances, as in the famous Bermuda Triangle. Many researchers have tried to expound theories about phenomena here, some suggesting that volcanic activity would be so intense that generates magnetism able to attract to land planes in the sky. Some theorists are convinced that Devil’s Triangle is one of the seven gateways to hell, existing on Earth.

The area is 100 miles south of Tokyo and the Japanese sent its team of scientists here in 1952. None of the 31 people left to explore Dragon’s Triangle has not been seen, and since then the area has not been investigated closely.

8. Lighthouse Mys Aniva, Russia

It was built by the Japanese in 1939, Sakhalin Island. Russia has owned the property since 1875 the island until 1905, when he took possession of Japan, and after the Second World War was taken again by the Russians. The lighthouse is located on a rocky crag inaccessible, 40 meters above the sea level and has a height of 31 meters. It consists of nine floors and the first was occupied by electric generators and batteries.The second was the kitchen and food storage, on the third floor is the radio room, and the next three floors were decorated bedrooms staff. On the seventh floor sirens were used, fog, eight had a fuel tank and the top floor was the rotation mechanism of the headlamp. This structure rotating lighthouse “floated” in a container filled with 300 kg of pure mercury. At one point it seems that the Russian government decided to replace diesel generators with a radioactive heat generator, known as RTG. Apparently, this change in the contaminated area around the posters that warn of high levels of radiation. It is said that now is abandoned lighthouse, but few people actually think this is one of the places where the government interrogates people uncomfortable, spies or prisoners. On the other hand, ghost hunters argue that the lighthouse would be haunted by the souls of those who perished at sea.

7. Helltown (Ohio) , USA

Northern Summit County, in the US state of Ohio was called by locals “Hell Town” and is associated with Satanists and ghosts hunters. In the late 60s, the National Park Service bought the land from the owners, in order to create here a recreation area for locals and those who did not want to sell were forced to do so. One of the expropriated curse cast and wrote on the walls of the house he was required to leave: “Now we know what the Indians felt”. The residents were displaced, but the village was never built.

Many believe that the US government was behind this idea to turn the place into a chemical waste landfill. The fact is that forests in the area are now favorites cultures satanic followers and many believe that the area is haunted by the souls of those who refused to leave their homes.

6. San Luis Valley (Colorado), USA

In this area was observed presence of many UFO, so there was built a special tower with clock, their observation. Many are those who have seen, photographed and filmed flying objects bright, spherical or disc-shaped. Many skeptics who traveled in the area have convinced themselves the veracity of the information available online. But the mystery remains about the causes that determine such activity in the area, the more that scientists do not know or explain what is happening. In 1994, a woman noticed a strange flicker on the ground, revealing that it was a glass or crystal skull. Nobody has discovered that mineral skull was made, but all who are around him claim that he exudes a strange energy.

10 Los lugares más extraños, extraños, extraños y misteriosos de la Tierra

Hemos echado un vistazo a los lugares más extraños y misteriosos de 10 en todo el mundo y hemos decidido traértelos. Le invitamos a que los agregue a la lista.

5. Pine Gap, Australia

The Australian version of Zone 51 in the USA. Public access is prohibited here, and the government in Cannberra argues that there is a communication center with stationary satellites over Asia and the Pacific. Both the US government and the Australian tried to end the speculation, saying that there is nothing mysterious here, is not just a research center, but the vast majority of the public does not believe the official version. Many theorists argue that Pine Gap is located in the southern hemisphere ideal for intergalactic communication. The fact is that employees are not allowed to say anything about what happens inside.

4. Mines in Paris

Catacombs of Paris are a popular tourist destination and many want to see the underground burial chambers, but mines in the immediate vicinity is prohibited public. Urban explorers have tried for years to discover what lies beneath the streets of Paris, but few of them managed to pass guard. Moreover, nowadays there are modern equipment that signals the presence of any intruder in the area. In September 2004, the French police found here underground cinema, which is supplied with energy from the upper town. It was alerted including the media, but when police returned the next day to that place there was not anything mysterious, cinema hall had been removed, had disappeared. Many believe that these mines is a gateway to Hell, and restriction in the area is so large, so the city can be guarded against evil spirits.

3. Riddle House (Florida), USA

It was surrounded by death and despair since its construction in the early 1900s was a funeral home, and one of the employees was hanged in the attic, in the 20s, because of financial problems. For a reason unknown, suicide hate men, and the ghost of his attack on those who climbed into the attic. With time, men were denied access to the attic. It is said that other places in the house would be haunted, because the furniture moves by itself. For a long time remained abandoned house, but in the 90s began a process of restoring it, but repairs lasted very long, because the workers were very scared. Their working tools were thrown from the bridge or from the windows of an unseen force. Many locals avoids today to approach the house.

2. Death Valley (California), USA

No one has any explanation of heavy stones, some 700 kg moving at the bottom of this valley, without being driven by any force visible. Scientists have found traces right here in zigzig, left the stones over the years “traveling”. This occurs on the surface of Racetrack Playa shelf, the bottom of a dry lake in Death Valley. In the study “Sliding Rocks on Racetrack Playa, Death Valley National Park: First Observation of Rocks in Motion”, published in the August 27, 2014, researchers say they have documented for the first time in motion picture sequence using rocks and GPS units. In winter, the stones can move under the action of light wind with a speed of 3-5 m / s, an area of ​​ice with a thickness of less than 5mm. The movement has been observed at a speed of 2-6 m per minute.

1. Door to Hell (Turkmenistan)

The crater was made by Russian geologists in 1972, in an attempt to drill for natural gas and flames were triggered then continue to burn intensely today. All drilling equipment have been swallowed then collapsed ground and the earth were raised huge amounts of gas. The crater created has a diameter of 70 meters and the depth is 230 meters. Legend locals say that there are two worlds meet, Hell and the human world, and that it should never have been brought to the surface.

Lugares misteriosos del mundo

Aunque es evidente que las pirámides se han utilizado para el entierro de los faraones, la estructura, la fecha y el simbolismo de las pirámides de Giza no se comprenden completamente. Este misterio solo se suma a la belleza de estas maravillas antiguas y muchos individuos contemporáneos aún respetan a Giza como un lugar religioso. Se proporcionan numerosas teorías para explicar el rompecabezas de las pirámides. El visitante más escéptico no puede ayudar, pero déjese sorprender por la increíble edad, la gran escala y las matemáticas armónicas de las pirámides de Giza. El monumento más conocido del mundo es Stonehenge, con sede en el condado de Wiltshire. Se compone de movimientos de tierra que rodean un marco circular de grandes piedras verticales y se cree que se construyó alrededor de 2500 BC, pero continúa siendo remodelado y revisado durante un período de más de 1400 años.

Aunque abundan las especulaciones y las teorías, nadie sabe cuál era el objetivo original del antiguo monumento y sigue siendo uno de los misterios más grandes y divertidos. La Isla de Pascua, también conocida como Rapa Nui o Isla de Pascua, es una isla polinesia en el sureste del Océano Pacífico, más famosa por sus esculturas que fueron creadas por el pueblo Rapanui. Las esculturas, conocidas como moai, eran parte del culto ancestral de los templos y han sido talladas entre 1250 y 1500 CE. El moai más pesado construido pesa 86 toneladas, lo que demuestra cuán buena fue la hazaña que Rapanui generó y movió. .

Casi el 50% de todos los moai restantes todavía se encuentran en Rano Raraku, su cantera de moai más importante, pero cientos fueron transferidos a plataformas rocosas alrededor del perímetro de las islas. Baalbeck es una ciudad en el este del Líbano. Había sido una floreciente ciudad fenicia cuando los griegos la habitaron en 331 BCI. Se convirtió en una antigua colonia de Roma bajo el emperador Augusto en 16 BCOn su acrópolis, en el transcurso de los próximos 3 cientos de años, sus romanos construyeron un conjunto monumental de 3 templos, patios 3 y un muro cerrado construido con algunas de las piedras más enormes jamás creadas por el hombre. Algunos turistas piensan que la estructura solo puede ser el resultado de obras de arte extraterrestres. En su entrada sur de Baalbeck hay una cantera donde se cortaron las piedras utilizadas en los templos.

10 lugares misteriosos en Roma. Los poderes mágicos de la ciudad eterna.

Ninguna ciudad europea puede compararse con Roma: su historia de casi 3000 hace un año que une esta metrópolis del Tíber de una manera especial a través del arte, la cultura, la historia y una vida humana floreciente. La "ciudad eterna" no se detendrá porque su pasado está tan vivo ...

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